Popular Luxury Restaurants in Baltimore

To travel is to live.


With the increase in the numbers of travellers be them entrepreneurs travelling for their business or digital nomads looking for a refreshing environment for their workplace or even someone looking for a peaceful vacation, places like Baltimore has encountered a considerable rise in young travellers. Travelling with luxury and waving the wealth is something many youngsters are in awe of. 

1. The Lead:

Baltimore is an independent city in the state of Maryland, United States. According to the survey, the city is one of a kind having the largest population. A rise in business and economy is seen by the city. This has made a rise in the luxury and leisure industry to grow in the area.

Innumerable luxury restaurants have taken place with time in the city of Baltimore shaping the food culture of the place. Hiring luxurious cars, while roaming within the city has become a trend in this era for many young travellers. One can easily hire a luxurious car using Enterprise car rental Baltimore airport in the city nowadays.

2. The Core:

Food is something which can be very specific for different people considering the likes and dislikes of different people. The city of Baltimore has succeeded in the upbringing of a vivid and vast choice of food and restaurants. Many restaurants have been set up throughout the city presenting their mastery and specialities as their forte.

Baltimore was forever known for their salad culture but now with a change of time and people, many skilled and professional chefs and cooks from all over the world have united in the city expressing their fields of craft and cook. Cars are the first thing one can desire.

3. The List:

It has always been a headache to find the best restaurant serving the best food you crave. And this issue is even larger for the travellers who are not familiar to the place. So without wasting much time let’s have a look at some of the highly rated luxury restaurants in Baltimore.

i. Charleston Restaurant.
1000 Lancaster St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

ii. Ambassador Dining Room.
3811 Canterbury Road.

iii. Charleston.
Harbor East
1000 Lancaster St.

iv. Cinghiale.
Harbor East
822 Lancaster St.

v. The Capital Grille.
500 E Pratt St.
Inner Harbor.

vi. Duck Duck Goose.
Fells Point
814 S. Broadway.


With a little research and study about the city can actually improve your experience in the city. Hence, it is highly recommended to not only young travellers but every traveller having a taste in luxury to hire a luxurious vehicle in the city along with enjoying the food whilst their stay.

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Destined places in Baltimore

Baltimore city in Maryland is an important city that has a wide range of tourist attractions in the region. With its vital seaport on the estuary of the River Patapsco, this place suits your vacation. Baltimore city encompasses Inner Habour that is surrounded by busy Harborplace with its shops, pavilions, promenade, and restaurants. The place is also known for its outstanding museums. It is only here where you can come across different historic ships that are always open for both domestic and International tourists.

Its neighborhood such as Little Italy, hip Hamden, Fell’s Point and sedate Mount Vernon also has distinct attractions. Between them, there also exist historic sites,several museums plus cultural activities like a renowned symphony orchestra. In general, Baltimore is the place to allow you to accomplish your goals.

Having said that, there exist must see places in Baltimore that you cannot afford not to pay a visit. These places are not limited to the following.

1. Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry was built between the year 1798 and 1803 in order to command the great entrance of the harbor. Here, you can get an opportunity to view fort history on the film and displays once you visit this center as a visitor. It is one place where you have the chance to tour the grounds and casemates to learn more information concerning the fort plus its history via living history demonstrations and ranger talks.

2. Walters Art Gallery

Here, be assured to come face to face with Walter Art Museum that is found in Mount Vernon Cultural District. At this museum, you will get a memorable experience as you view a collection of enamels, jewelry, ivories, and bronzes. You can also get a chance to see a huge reserve of rare books and illuminated manuscripts. Not to mention, Walter’s Greek, Egyptian, Roman. Ethiopian, Byzantine and the medieval art collections of the Western are the extensive arts that this place can offer. Here, you will realize that the museum also holds Asian art and Renaissance holdings. French paintings of early years are also well represented here.

3. Baltimore’s National Aquarium

National Aquarium is the most visited attraction in Baltimore. Here is the place where you will definitely find both the Pacific and Atlantic coral reefs, a kelp forest, the open ocean surroundings, hidden sea life, Amazon river forests, Australian aquatic life, life on the seashore and many others. In the exhibit of the Atlantic Coral Reef, visitors can find hundreds of exotic species and also meet dolphins and sharks. The national aquarium also provides the tropical rain forest where can tour from treetop canopy to forest floor and able to view all types of frogs, birds and a wide range of mammals like monkeys and sloths.

4. Museum of Art in Baltimore

It is one of the biggest museums of art in Maryland. It covers a wide spectrum of styles and periods. It contains the global largest art collection by Matisse. In addition, it also encompasses artworks of Andy Warhol, Picasso, van Gogh, and Cezanne. The museum also features modern art, impressive collections of the American sculpture, decorative arts and paintings. The museum also encompasses sculpture garden that represents a century of contemporary and modern works. Here, admission is absolutely free.
Find time and visit the above mentioned must see places in Baltimore. Once you arrive there you can rent a car in Baltimore and enjoy your stay.